Making education relevant in a digital world

Education is one of the cornerstones of a stable, evolving society. Better employment opportunities, improved wellbeing, innovative research, and a more informed and engaged citizenry are just some of the benefits of education. And yet educators and students are struggling today with the relevance of the current education system to our rapidly evolving world.



Information and communications technology is key

Classrooms, lectures, written homework, and exams have been the principle teaching tools for centuries. But the world has changed radically, especially the modern workplace, where information and communications technology (ICT) has transformed the way people work, learn and collaborate.

For next-generation students to become next-generation employees and citizens, they will need — among other changes to the education system — next-generation ICT as an integral part of their education experience. And it must be delivered at an affordable price.

Collaborative and Mobile Campus

Communicate and collaborate for a multi-media interactive learning experience, anywhere and anytime.